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About Us

Rob has been a collector of vintage cards since childhood. In 1986 he took his passion for cards to a new level and began selling cards nationally under the name “Rob’s Cards”. Through advertising in “Sports Collectors Digest”, Rob developed a loyal national following and was recognized as a respected seller by buyers throughout the country. Children and life in general took Rob away from the hobby scene in 1991.

Now that retirement is here, Rob decided to fulfill a long time dream of a bricks and mortar store to continue his passion of helping other collectors build their collections and to be a resource to those who need to sell a collection.

Rob is a lifetime member of the Twin Cities Sport Collectors Club. Look for him at the monthly club shows. For those customers living in the Southern part of town, the monthly show is an opportunity to check out some of the merchandise and purchase supplies in Bloomington. Call to ask about monthly club show locations and dates.

Throughout the years, Rob’s personal collection has included every complete set of Bowman’s from 1948- 1955 and Topp’s 1952 – 1979, including all of the high numbers from “the find”.

Rob travels, looking for the best cards to purchase and sell at the store. Locally, he is happy to discuss buying your collection at the store during business hours or by appointment. He also makes “house calls” if this is more convenienet for you. Click here for more details under the ” Always Buying” link on the home page.

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